Coki Beach St Thomas Guide: Things to Know Before Visiting 2024

Planning your trip to Coki Beach at Coki Point this year? You’re in the right place! I’ve been to Coki Beach many times and am here to help you plan a successful trip to one of the most popular beaches in St Thomas USVI.

With its white sand shore and clear waters teaming with marine life, it’s no wonder why this beach is a must-see tourist destination in the US Virgin Islands.

Planning logistics when traveling can be hard, so I’ve done it for you! Here’s everything you need to know for the perfect beach day. We’ll discuss getting there, activities and amenities on the beach, things to do around the beach, and more.

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Entrance Fee to Coki Beach

Coki Beach Entrance Fee: $0
Admission to Coki Beach is free! There is, however, a small paid parking lot on site. I’d suggest getting here quite early if you plan to park. It fills up quickly – this is one of the most popular and heavily visited beaches on the island. But don’t worry, it’s still worth visiting, I promise.

There are a few St Thomas tours that will take you to Coki Beach. Or, excursions that include parking at Coki Beach.

Is Coki Point beach free?

Yes, Coki Point beach is free to access. There is a small paid parking lot for $5 per car if you choose to drive. Taxis frequently go to and from Coki Beach as well.

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Parking at Coki Beach

There is a small paid parking lot at Coki Beach. The cost is $5 per vehicle to park in the lot at Coki Beach. Be sure to arrive early to secure your spot because the lot fills up quickly.

Taxis are easy to catch to and from Coki Beach since it’s near the aquarium and such a busy beach.

Does Coki Beach have bathrooms?

Yes, there are bathroom facilities at Coki Beach along with restaurants and a Covi dive center nearby.

How Far is Coki Beach from Cruise Port?

Coki Beach is 8 miles from the St. Thomas Cruise Port and on average, a 25-minute drive. You can easily catch a taxi at the Charlotte Amalie Cruise Port to Coki Beach and vice versa. So be sure to head to Coki Beach from the Cruise Port in St Thomas!

Best Time to Go to Coki Beach

The best time to go to Coki Beach is between the months of January-April when the weather is dry and you’re sure to have beautiful, sunny weather with a nice breeze!

However, the closer you get to the rainy season, like June-July, the water will be warmest, though you might run into some afternoon showers!

Overall, the best time to visit USVI depends on your preference and budget.

How to Get to Coki Beach

You can get to Coki a few ways. There are plenty of ways to get around St Thomas, it depends on how much flexibility you want and the money you’re willing to spend! Here are all the best ways to get to this fabulous beach!

5 Ways to Get to Coki Beach

Rental Cars

If you have a rental car, it is closer to the east side of the island, 20 minutes from Charlotte Amalie downtown St Thomas. It’s great to have a rental car when exploring the beaches in St Thomas, as they can be spread out and sometimes off-the-beaten-path!

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You can pick up a taxi from most spots on the island. In populated areas like Charlotte Amalie or hotels, you’ll likely find taxis running around. It can be harder on villas, usually located farther up the hills around the island.

There are plenty of taxi service providers on the island. Pick a few and keep the numbers on hand in case you end up in an area without taxis. Plan for about $15/person for a taxi to take you from Charlotte Amalie to Coki Beach.

If you do plan to take a taxi, make sure it’s a licensed taxi with these identifiers.

  • A taxi placard or a dome light on the roof
  • placard on the dash
  • license plates indicating Taxi status.
  • On Duty/Off Duty sign in the window
  • The driver’s personal identification/taxi license in the dashboard

You will also find “gypsy taxis” around the island. They are not licensed, so you’ll have to use your own judgment to decide if that’s the route for you.

Private Transport

Booking a private car for the day is a great way to get to Coki Beach, whether you’re coming from the St Thomas Cruise Port, Red Hook, or even St John. This way, you can hit all the beaches you want, and even get a little sightseeing in with a St. Thomas local!

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Open Air Safari Taxi

Safari taxis are a great option for travelers on a budget! They pick up and drop off near popular spots on the island. They stick to a schedule so you might have to wait to find one.

The safari taxis don’t go off their main road paths, if you opt for a safari taxi to get to Coki, they’ll take you as close as they can get and you’ll have about a 10-minute walk to the beach from there. You can check the map here.

Some safari taxis will only cost $1-$2 per person, but you’ll be riding with a group of people. Make sure you’re on a dollar safari taxi and not a regular taxi that looks like a dollar taxi before you get on if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

The routes can also change, so I’d suggest always asking the driver about how close they can get you to your destination before hopping on!

Bus Transportation in USVI

USVI has a bus transportation system called VITRAN. The closest stop to Coki is the 401 [Red Hook/Smith Bay] route stopping at Smith Bay Rd, East | Louie’s Market. From there, it is an 11-minute walk to your beach destination.

The buses do not run often, so plan your trip accordingly. I believe taking a taxi or car is your best, most convenient option to get here.

What makes Coki Beach Special?

Coki Beach St Thomas
Coki Beach rocky shoreline and clear waters.

Coki Beach in St Thomas USVI is a stunning beach destination that offers something for everyone. From crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling to vibrant shops and vendors, Coki Beach has it all.

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or just want to relax on the white sand beaches, this beach will not disappoint! Additionally, there is no shortage of activities and watersports to keep you entertained. From jet skiing and snorkeling to stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing, this beach has it all.

St Thomas Coki Beach is one of my favorite spots on the island for snorkeling, with plenty of beautiful coral reefs and marine life to explore. Read on to learn more about why Coki Beach is so special and what makes it stand out from other beaches in St Thomas USVI.

Where to Stay Near Coki Beach

There are only a few accommodations near the famous Coki Beach, so if you choose to stay there you know you’ll be one of the lucky ones to be close to the action!

However, the closest you’ll get to the beach, with just a short walk, is the Margaritaville Vacation Club.

Map of where to stay at Coki Beach in St Thomas

If you don’t want to stay in Coki Beach, many resorts offer pickup spots for excursions that will take you here for the day!

🏖️ Find the best beach resorts in St Thomas

Best Things to Do Near Coki Beach

Coki Beach St Thomas

1. Coral World Ocean Park at Coki Point

Looking to get up close and personal with the marine life of St Thomas? Coral World Ocean Park’s mission to provide education to visitors while conserving the eco-systems around the Caribbean provides a unique opportunity to learn about and interact with the animals within the park

The park offers private events, education, and experiences ranging from weddings to swimming with sea lions to “SNUBA” excursions.

General Admission to Coral World for the whole family –
Get your Coral World Ocean Park tickets!
Book a SNUBA Excursion at Coral World!

2. Book a Beach Hopping Excursion

Nearby beaches include Magen’s Bay Beach, Lindqvist Beach, and Sapphire Beach. There are tons of incredible beaches in St Thomas to explore.

There are tours available that will take you around to some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, including Coki!

Book a St Thomas Shore Excursion around the best shops, beaches, and lookouts on the island!

If you don’t want to book an excursion but do want to add other beaches to your day trip, there are a few nearby for you to beach hop on your own!

You can also choose to rely on taxis to beach hop if you aren’t going to rent a car. But be sure to map out your trip beforehand to save on taxi costs. Taxis will usually run between $8-$15 per person depending on where you’re going.

3. Scuba with a Certified Dive Master

Scuba dive in Coki Beach
Take a lesson or book a scuba diving excursion at Coki Point

A great watersport available at Coki Beach is scuba diving! Go scuba diving with a professional to swim up close with the wildlife!

You’ll get to experience the live reef that people come from all over to see. The dive shop also offers numerous guided scuba tours, open dives, and certifications. I can’t think of a better way to get a Scuba Certification than in St Thomas!

Book a Scuba Dive in Coki Beach

4. Snorkeling: Can you snorkel at Coki Beach?

Experience some of the best snorkeling on the island in Coki Bay. Coki Beach snorkeling is a huge draw around here. The fish are known to be plentiful…and quite friendly!

The calm waters allow you to get up close and personal with the marine life around the bay. Always remember to not disturb the reefs when you’re snorkeling.

The US Virgin Islands take pride in protecting the reefs around the island, as it’s an integral part of the marine environment. The dive center right at the beach offers rentals and water sports to fill your day!

5. Food: Where to Eat Near Coki Beach

There’s plenty of food nearby to take a break from the eat and enjoy the local cuisine.

✔️ Petras Dushi’s by the Sea

Take a local Caribbean cuisine break at Dushi’s. This restaurant may look little, but the flavors are big! Stop in for strong drinks and affordable meals.

✔️ Catch of the Day

This beach bar is the perfect spot for some day drinks with an awesome beach view. If you’re a lobster or seafood lover, don’t miss out on Catch of the Day!

✔️ Shoreline Bar & Grill

8-minute drive or 30-minute walk from Coki Point, checkout Shoreline for some waterfront dining.

They offer casual appetizers and big sandwiches, and on Thursdays, join them for Puerto Rican night! The Shoreline is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

✔️ Ma’s Vegi Deli

It’s not always easy finding vegetarian options on the island! A 17-minute walk from Coki. Stop by for a plentiful buffet of options.

About a 17-minute walk from Coki, you’ll find Ma’s Vegi Deli.

Other restaurants near Coki Beach
  • Vinny’s Food Cart & Catering
  • Dokiz Bar and Restaurant
  • Chester’s Chicken Bar & Grill

6. Grab Snacks, Drinks, & Shop with Local Vendors

One more thing that makes this destination even more special is its vibrant shopping scene, with vendors selling everything from jewelry to snacks and drinks!

Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or just want to take a break from the sun, there’s something for everyone at Coki Beach. There’s nothing better than wandering around for the perfect souvenir from vendors lining this picturesque beach!


Is Coki Point beach free?

Yes, admission to Coki Point beach is free. There is a small paid parking lot that costs $5 if you want to park there.

What is the prettiest beach in St. Thomas?

Magen’s Bay is considered the prettiest beach in St Thomas, but you can’t go wrong at any of the hidden gems around the island.

Conclusion: The Ultimate Guide to Coki Beach

Overall, Coki is a must-do during your trip to St Thomas! It is a lively beach. You can find activities for the whole family. Your day (or days) at Coki Beach will fly by quickly! Hopefully, this visitor’s guide helps you plan everything you need for a smooth day at this beautiful beach.

It’s important to note that this beach is a popular tourist destination, so it might be overwhelmed with people when a cruise ship arrives. Plan your trip accordingly to show up early, and if you can get here when there are no ships at port, except a much quieter (but still lively!) beach.

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